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Pizza, Sushi And Homemade Chorizo

Pizza, Sushi And Homemade Chorizo

Published on September 30th, 2016

Last month, I shared with you the newest eclectic food spots around Montreal. If you missed that article, check it out here.

This week, I want to share with you my absolute favorite food joints that have rightfully earned their spot on my list of go-to restaurants. From the casual pizza outing, to the most elegant dining experience, these 3 spots are a must visit if you’ve never been.

Il focolaio

When you are in the mood for a casual outing, Il focolaio is your place. Don’t mistake casual for ordinary. ll Folocaio offers best pizza in town, hands down. There is no reason to sacrifice quality and taste, especially not when it comes to traditional Italian food like a hot cheesy pizza. Il focolaio offers 75 different pizzas on their menu. Yes, 75! Each one as unique and delicious as the last. You can even go on a tour with a worldly selection like Hawaiian, Parisienne, Sicilienne, and Alla Greca. All their doughs and sauces are made fresh in house, including the gluten vegan pizza crust that can be customized for any pie. For me though, I’ll take the original #68. As a bonus, Il focolaio generously delivers their pizza around downtown Montreal area, old port and nuns-island, so you don’t ever have to eat frozen pizza again.


For true flavors of South American cuisine, visit Lavanderia. The chef and owner, Anotnio Park, brings a piece of his childhood memories to the carefully crafted dishes and to the decor at Lavanderia. Prepare to be immediately transported to the sunny streets of South American. In the middle of the restaurant rests a white birch tree that represents the beloved mango tree Antonio used to eat under as a young boy. The lively atmosphere, the delicious food, the open kitchen all come together to create a unique dining experience. It feels like a family table, with homemade chorizo pork sausage and herbs that come straight from Antonio’s garden. To accompany the vast menu selection, you can’t go wrong with traditional South American cocktails with a fun twist like the Smoked Margarita and Bomba Mate.


But South American cuisine is not Antonio’s only culinary genius. Across the street you will find the one and only option for sushi lovers and connoisseurs. Park is a sushi restaurants that pairs the purity of traditional Japanese cuisine with Korean and South American flavors. The sushi is prepared using traditional Japanese techniques with ingredients that are hard to beat. The fish is flown in daily, and Park rightfully claims the “freshest seafood in town”. Everything from wasabi to the soy sauce is proudly created in house, with a passionate commitment to sustainability. Park also carries the largest selection of privately imported fine sake in town. Antonio's attention to detail is impeccable and it shows. And the great ambience coupled with stellar service completes the experience. This will be the most refined and elegant sushi you will ever try. Don’t take my word for it.

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